What is Soylent? My new minimum-effort food.


This is half a meal of Soylent 1.0 with ice. Soylent bills itself as ‘liquid food’, and it seems like a protein shake / diet drink. In fact it’s designed to be everything you need and you should be able to live off it. This glass has about 300 calories, and a full ‘meal’ of Soylent has about 600 calories. A meal also has around a third of your recommended intake of protein, vitamin, calcium and various other minerals.

I don’t want to live off Soylent (although it would be a fun experiment) but I do consider it a healthy meal when I’m eating alone and want something quick, easy, cheap and nutritious. Previously I’d be able to choose quick (something frozen), cheap (something I’d have to cook), easy (takeout), or something nutritious – usually not cheap or easy or quick!

I guess Soylent tastes something like a protein shake, but it’s probably earthier. I wouldn’t say it’s delicious but it’s good, although I’m sure not everyone would enjoy it.

Today my lunch was literally 700mL of Soylent. It’s now 7pm and I’m satisfied and not particularly hungry. I have plenty more and I’m sure I’ll take it to work occasionally, or eat for dinner when I get home late and am alone. Each meal cost me $3 but I think the cost has recently increased to about $3.50.