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  1. Soylent

    What is Soylent? My new minimum-effort food.


    This is half a meal of Soylent 1.0 with ice. Soylent bills itself as ‘liquid food’, and it seems like a protein shake / diet drink. In fact it’s designed to be everything you need and you should be able to live …

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  2. Video calls are free

    I’m an immigrant, and it’s exhausting. I try to call my parents once a week. I try to call my brother every couple weeks. I try to call someone else when I can – friends, family.

    But at the same time I’m trying to be present in the …

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  3. Blueberry jam

    filled jars

    Blueberry season comes and goes too quickly. I love blueberries. This year I was given a membership to a CSA / community supported farming group as a birthday present, which resulted in over 20lbs / 10kg of blueberries. That’s a lot of blueberries – but I am still loving them, even as …

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